My Little Cousin Joe

Joe MutoIn my family we simply have to support, look up or otherwise engage with anyone else with the last name Muto. I remember my dad going through the phone book at whatever town we were traveling through, calling and chatting with random Mutos he found there – total strangers – on the somewhat apocryphal theory that all Mutos were some kind of cousins. Even the Ukranian Mutos – and there are some – were believed to be distantly related. So this past Christmas when my LA sister brought her typical Perma Pak box of hardcover books – the best among those she’d purchased and read since her last visit – she brought a copy of Athiest in the Foxhole, by Joe Muto. “I just had to buy it when I saw the author,” she explained. As my father’s daughter, I understood. The book, much to my surprise, turned out to be a witty, entertaining, insider’s guide to Fox news, presented from the viewpoint of a liberal, slightly lazy partier who happened to land on his feet there, but the writing and humor keep the book from feeling self-serving or apologetic. I’m still waiting for the foreshadowed punch line halfway through the book, as in how this kid totally trashes his career by working as a mole for some liberal group I’ve never heard of and ends up fired at 30. I’m Ok with the wait, though, because getting there is definitely fun. So I would like to encourage you to pick up my cousin Joe Muto’s book and make him a little money on royalties. You will probably enjoy it and we in the family would feel better if he’s doing well with his book – after all, it’s pretty clear he’ll never get a job in news again.


One thought on “My Little Cousin Joe

  1. From someone who has been in his shoes, I can understand. I must also let you know that I have your father’s penchant. There is not a single Marrero in Mexico City. There are a lot in Puerto Rico. Legend has it that we come from the Canary Islands. Yes, we are all supposed to be cousins as well. Although one of my father’s sister insisted we descended from gypsies. That may be a romantic ending.


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