Speak to me Google

GOOGLE-HEARTWith my typical impatience I keep hoping that this blog will show up in my Google feed. I’ve developed a discouraging habit of Googling myself every couple of days – as opposed to my usual couple of times a year – looking for at least a mention.

This time I went through the entire feed – all 7 ½ pages – and discovered that my online presence is a bit deeper than I realized. Although my own blog has yet to show up, I am shown responding to several other bloggers I know, with words that I frankly don’t remember. It was a relief to see that nothing negative was attributed to me however.

It’s not a bad display, all in all. Some articles on Young Entrepreneur, my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and a few alumni connection things from Kenyon, my undergraduate school. But it seems a bit thin. Where are all of these exciting additions to my online presence??? Is my new blog just disappearing into the ether?

I’m not sure what I expect. It’s only been a couple of weeks. My basically egocentric nature seems to want the folks at Google to jump up in excitement, “Maria has finally started writing her own blog rather than just other people’s blogs – turn on the spider-bots and aim them in her direction, quick!”



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