The Blog I Won’t Be Posting…

wayneSo what do you miss?

Holding hands whenever we went anywhere together.

The way he would touch me gently as he passed, a simple “hi, I’m glad you’re here” caress on my arm, shoulder.

Watching him work in the yard in his old jeans, a t-shirt and suspenders, Gracie trotting after him.

The waltz the two of us had working in the kitchen getting ready for a party – making sure everything was finished.

The way he would open my car door and our running joke. “Is this a date?” I’d ask as I slid into my seat. And he would reply, “Yes, it’s a date,” and the promise in his eyes as he said it.

Once he was walking behind me and I stumbled on some stairs and he grabbed me and kept me from falling and he was so strong. So strong.

What don’t you miss?

Everything else. I don’t miss everything else.


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