Unexpected Lessons

UntitledSo I’m playing this mindless computer game – Mahjong Dimensions – because somehow it seems to move my mind into the right place for writing which, after all, is what I do for a living, and suddenly it hits me.

In this game, which I have played for longer than I care to admit even to you, there are moves that open up possibilities and moves that get you nowhere. Now I am good at this game. So good that I don’t consider it a win unless I pick up over 100,000 points. No, it’s not enough that I WIN the game, I have to win big or it just doesn’t count. I thought I knew all the strategies there were to this game. But I didn’t.

Now overall I am not a particularly strategic game player. OK I’m good with some strategy, somewhere between Bridge and Chess. But I’ve played this game for years and it just hit me this morning that which little pieces you take off the board first have a huge impact on whether you just win, or win big.

How did I miss this? I’m thinking it’s a lesson I wasn’t ready to learn till now. So here are my discoveries: leave yourself as open to possibilities as possible and you have a better chance of winning big, and insights come to you when you’re ready for them, not before. Life lessons from a computer game. Who knew?


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