And so…

Baby-Crying-How-to-Stop-webI don’t like change. In corporate training parlance, you will hear instructors say that the only people who like change are babies in wet diapers. While I am not a pro at changing diapers myself, I have changed enough babies to know that even they fuss when dealing with change. You can just imagine them – if they were able to talk coherently – saying something like, “Please. I am quite comfortable sitting on my own damp butt at this moment. Kindly leave me be.”

Now most people are pretty good at fooling themselves about change. We think we’re better than most at handling it. I’ve gone through an insane number of changes in the last few years, and I know that if I expressed that kind of confidence I was just fooling myself and attempting to fool my friends. And at this point they all know better, so why do I try?

But today I’m talking about the little changes. My favorite organic multi-grain bread was discontinued at Basha’s. Now you may say, “just go to another grocery store.” I can’t do that. It was a Basha’s bread. And Trader Joe’s – possibly my favorite food-stuff store in the known universe – will suddenly, without warning, discontinue a product that I’ve developed an unnatural fondness for – as in I’m not sure I can live without it. But I have to. With Trader Joe’s, as in so many other things, change is not voluntary.

Now my bath towel is so close to biting the dust that it is disturbingly see-through in some places. But trying to find a comparably-soft towel in a color I can tolerate is a tricky proposition. (It generally takes me six months of looking to find a new one – I seem to be a bit OCD about my towels, go figure.)

But some change can actually be good. I am speaking here about changing back. My three closest friends here in my current hometown moved away almost in the same month this past spring, leaving me no one to call last minute and say, “let’s go get a drink and talk about anything we want to talk about.” But here’s the good news. One of those friends is coming back into town having decided that Texas is no longer for her. And the second will be back in September for most of the winter. These are changes I can get used to.

Now, if I can just find a good towel…


4 thoughts on “And so…

  1. My friend, I am not so picky about towels, but sheets and pillows are another story. Down pillows and comforters, Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets (600+ thread count) are so comfy. Did I mention the memory foam mattress?

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