I Don’t Need Steven King, I Have Trump


I have a sister who is afraid of clowns – has been since she was a child. So, I have to admit, last Halloween I was mean enough to send her the photo of the scary clown on the right. I’m guilty of that kind of warped sense of humor. And when Trump started his run for the Presidency, that same warped humor enjoyed his run. After all, the Republican party had earned it with their decisions, hadn’t they? They could have made a real effort to change after the disaster for them that was the 2012 Presidential election, and it looked as though they were going to, but they didn’t. They chose to continue down the low road of hate and fear, obstructionism and attack rather than evolution. And after all, so many of their members don’t even believe in evolution…

And so there he was, the Trump-Meister. Fresh from his appearances on reality TV, practically joined at the hip with such valued citizens as Honey Boo Boo and the Duck guy, running for the highest office in the land. And actually saying out loud all of the things the Republicans had only insinuated before. Things like illegal immigrants are thugs and African Americans are dangerous gun-toting criminals – not like the safe gun-toting white Americans with the right to buy and carry those arsenals of automatic weapons. Me and my warped sense of humor actually said I hoped Trump got the nomination, because that would cinch the Democratic win this year. My actual quote was, “With Trump as the Republican nominee, any Democrat with $11 in donations could win.”

I am ashamed to admit it, but there you have it. I foolishly underestimated the willingness of too many voters to be fooled. Now I listen to the bombast, sounding not unlike the snake oil salesmen of years past. I hear a man who has declared bankruptcy more than once claiming to be a good businessman. I wonder how this person who regularly trades in wives for a newer model when the old one gets, well, too old, manages to appeal to people who have been happily married to the same model for a lifetime.

He turned the Grand Old Party into a Sad Old Party and their convention into a rant itself of fear and hate. There was no celebration there. It was an angry wake for a lost America that I don’t recognize or believe in.

I see members of Republican dynasties like the Bush family walk away from their party and just say no, we cannot stand by this man. He openly insults Americans who don’t fit his white-person mold and thinks that’s OK. He mocks the disabled, women or just anyone who doesn’t agree with his skewed vision of the world. He reacts to the attacks on his words and behavior by the Democrats – well-crafted responses to his ignorant rants – with the desire to hit them.

And he thinks he has somehow earned the right to be our President.

He has never held an elected office. He has never served this country a day in his life. Not in our military, not as a volunteer, not in any way, ever, ever. But he feels he should start at the top. And we have voters who agree with that.

I have a sister who is afraid of clowns. I always thought she was silly, but now I have to admit, I agree with her.



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