News from the We’re Going to Hell in a Handbasket Department

Covert-Affairs-817x404_cSo in these troubled times I am surviving by watching escapist fare and by that I mean Covert Affairs on Amazon Prime. It’s five seasons of CIA-focused madness at its best – a well-written, convoluted spy thriller of a soap opera starring a tall, blonde, athletic, painfully-thin young spy who is nothing at all like me except – wait for it – she drives my car.

Yes, in episode two or so, I saw her get out of a sporty vehicle in a flash of red and I thought, “It can’t be. I know I thought my car was cool, but could this essence of coolness actually be driving my car???” By episode three, I knew it was true. She really owned a red VW Golf. The greatest car on the planet, if I say so myself. So, she and I are obviously sisters under the skin although way under the skin… but I digress.

The reason I am enjoying the show, besides good writing, interesting characters and non-stop action is the increasingly insane plot lines. Oh, it started normally enough, with her picking up international information and acting all spy-like. But before you knew it we were dealing with double agents and Russian covert operators who were hacking our computers and compromising what should be safe areas in our democracy. But we have this amazing tall skinny blonde woman who drives a bright red Golf, for heavens sake, and she saves the day every time.

And I really need the escape, what with the election and all… until I started reading the actual  news and felt like I was previewing the next season of Covert Affairs. I mean, why would the Russians feel the need to hack the Democratic Party’s server? I can only think of one reason that makes sense from a plot standpoint, and that would be if the Russians were planning to insert a virtual Russian mole into American politics via the Trump campaign. Someone like, say, Republican Presidential Campaign Manager Paul Manafort.

Of course, if I had been thinking of this election the way I think about Covert Affairs, I would have seen it coming. There was plenty of foreshadowing, what with Trump speaking so highly of Putin, as if he had insider knowledge of the guy, and his remarks about Russia and the Ukraine. And it would work out so well for Russia if we too had a crazy-ass out-of-control demagogue running our country. Especially when he and Putin seem to have some sort of serious man-crush on each other.trump_Putin-shirtless-web

So… for the rest of the day I am going to ignore the election and wallow in Covert Affairs. Because if our country really is going to Hell in a Handbasket the way it seems… If we actually are at the point where one of our Presidential campaigns is being run by a Russian mole and the American people aren’t rising up as one to tear down the party and person that allowed this to happen, escaping sounds darn good to me at the moment.


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